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  1. heyhellohowareyou.
    I met yall a while back ago longbranch. kelly kindly fed me cigarettes. keep up the good work!
    long live summer. -avril

  2. WOWZA. You ladies are freaking AMAZING. So amped to have found your videos. Alignment rocks. LOVE rocks. You both so cool; so inspiring. So grateful. Endless appreciation xXx

  3. Hi, I Love Your Guys Podcast. I Think That it is Awesome and Meaningful. It Looks Like You Really Get to do a Lot of Fun Activities and That You Live Life to The Fullest. Your Podcast Fully Inspires Me and I also Wanted to Say That I’ve Been Viewing Your Meditation, Jessica. And, It’s Done So Much For Me. I’am Greatful the Meditation Has Helped Me So, So, So Much. I Feel So Much Happyness and Fullfillment That I Found The PopularPodcast.com. Thank You, Again You Guy’s ARE AWSOME.

  4. Hi my name is Ryan Hackett I’m 24 years old. I love u guys videos and I really wanna hangout with u guys someday can we make it happen one day? I’m also from Connecticut

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