4 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #330: Facebook Strategy – What’s Yours?

  1. Yeah for the podcast! My strategy is to avoid it almost completely. It just feels like too much. Every 4 months or so I log on and there are requests and hundreds of people I may know, etc. It has been good to catch up with a few people, but I find the whole thing overwhelming. I’d rather log on every day and see your smiling faces.

  2. Hey Elizabeth!
    Haha Facebook is like a toy with infinite possibilities. I can choose to focus on the stressful aspects or the fun aspects! Also it really helps when I only go on Facebook when I feel good – otherwise any crap in my mood gets reflected back at me in other people’s posts.

    I love taking breaks though – it’s always nice to have the contrast of a Facebook-less world. It is too weird though, I always go back! There are too many pretty girls to look at ^_^

    But what to SAY to them on FB is where I get confused… hahaha

  3. Aww.. come on. You have a great personality. Just be you. The rest will take care of itself.

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