The Popular Podcast #320: @Mashable #Mashpack #bliss!

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  • Recorded on: 12.30.10
  • The loot Jessica won!

Chrismahannakwanzanewyear’s came multiple times to The Popular Podcast this year. The first was when Jessica won the Mashable #Mashpack, the next was when the packages were delivered. We didn’t have time to open them until the 30th, when we were chillin with a friend, so it was like Christmas and New Year’s all over again all at once.

Opening a gigantic box full of new, fun electronics opened our eyes to the power of toys. That, and the Astrojax.

We intended for the perfect idea for New Year’s to come, because we wanted to spend the day doing things we want more of in the new year. This gift from Mashable reminded us why Christmas is so fun. You get to play with the latest technology and sweetest toys and distract yourself from everything else. And that’s what we want more of in the new year!

Our resolutions for the new year are:

  • Fun
  • Play
  • Toys
  • Games
  • Tramps

We especially loved the Like Stamp (duh), the Desk Pets Skitterbots because they RULE (you don’t like a Skitterbot, you suck!), the Smartfish Ergomotion Laser Mouse, and the Picaboo Madison Photobook because it gave Jessica a reason to start working on the second edition of the School of Life Design!

Thank you Mashable!

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