The Popular Podcast #319: Magick Spellcasting Kit

This year Kelly and I made Magick Spellcasting Kits for Christmas gifts. They had three main components: A photo frame to hold one’s spells (i.e., goals or dreams), a mini terrarium filled with moss (from Barton Springs!) and activated charcoal (to keep it clean) to hold positive thoughts, and a handmade snowglobe to use as a focal point during meditation.

When we were making these, we thought “what three things would we suggest someone do if they wanted to start living more consciously?” The answer was “focus on what you want” (the goals frame), “begin directing your thoughts first thing in the morning” (using the mini terrarium) and “meditate” (using the snowglobe).

This fun design project taught us a lot about gift giving and design execution. We realized after putting a lot of time into making these that while it felt really good to work on such an elaborate design project, next year we’re giving toys! Also, we found that we had a somewhat negative vibration about the final steps of executing a design project. As we neared completion, things got harder and harder, because we had the limiting belief that “execution is always the hard part.” Now we now for next time to think differently!

Here are the instructions for using the kit:


And this is what the spell cards look like. Download a PDF of spell cards to print for yourself!

spell cards

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6 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #319: Magick Spellcasting Kit

  1. I LOVE the magick kits and this ep (esp the music choice) but I REALLY LOVE that picture of Kelly in the kitchen :):):)

  2. These are the cutest. It looks like you both put tons of thought into them!

    I love your choices of magickal objects – snow globes and terrariums. Perfect, they seem magickal in and of themselves. I’ve always wanted to make a terrarium ever since I first saw pictures of them online!

  3. these are great! i immediately fell in love with them cuties. will try to make some, too. thank you, girls :) love sent from germany’s capital by kat :)

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