The Popular Podcast #317: Feeling for Vibrational Solutions

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  • Recorded on: 12.13.10

The most significant cognitive shift both Jessica and I have gone through since we spoke last is the satisfaction of reaching for vibrational solutions instead of physical solutions. We believe that we are vibrational beings. That means that we believe we are less flesh and bone than we are energy. We believe that the energy that is our being is malleable. We believe we can manipulate that energy by thinking carefully chosen thoughts that receive a positive emotional response. That positive emotional response is the vibrational essence of the solution we are seeking in physical reality.

Physical reality is a printout of your vibration. You can never see anything in physical that you haven’t practiced vibrationally. If Jessica *wants* to wear her favorite jeans, she is practicing a vibration of want, which is perpetuating that feeling in her reality. By practicing the vibration of what it feels like to already fit in them, then she is becoming it vibrationally, and thus attracting indicators of that vibration in her reality. The more she practices that feeling of already having it, the more indicators she will see, the easier it will become to practice the vibration and believe the manifestation is already on its way.

As Abraham would say, “No one ever wanted something for any other reason than they think it will make them feel better.” Whatever better feeling you think the physical manifestation is going to bring you, you can choose to feel that feeling now. You have the power to choose thought and therefore emotion. The emotional journey is so much more satisfying than trying to push things around in physical reality.

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2 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #317: Feeling for Vibrational Solutions

  1. this has been working for me:) it’s so challenging to keep up with practicing the feeling though! it’s strenuous on my brain!!

    love and hugs

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