The Popular Podcast #313: Residential tour of South Austin

Our solitary goal on Sunday was to go for a walk and experiment with our new Kodak Play camera. We ended up walking home from Whole Foods on Saturday (by accident), and realized how much we missed our long walks/talks. Jessica and I spent the entire summer walking around Austin explaining law of attraction to each other. It had been awhile since we talked like that, just talking about the meaning of life for over an hour without any distractions. It changed my world. I remember that I was specifically asking to have my knowledge deepened that day. I wanted to feel the feelings of overwhelming relief that come along with really knowing what I know. I’ve felt it before, but I wanted to feel again. Then Jessica and I ended up walking and talking and it totally reawakened part of me that, I didn’t realize until afterwards, had been lying dormant.

We discovered a new residential running route that we adore. Its an extension of our 3-mile route that makes it into a 5-mile route. Experiencing the route for the first time felt like that scene in Big Fish when he walks into that perfect town with grass covering the street and no one wears shoes. Except we were being serenaded all the way by a 9-piece salsa band.

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5 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #313: Residential tour of South Austin

  1. I can’t believe that you guys are still walking around in shorts…. It is -6 degrees C (21 degrees F) out today and I am bundled up with a scarf and hat and gloves and everything!! Jealous. :D

  2. These videos are wonderful. In a manner of speaking I get to visit Austin and still remain home. Were that Visit Denmark competition to run again, videos like this would have really assisted you staking your claim to the prize.

    Good choice of background music, though I was curious how that band sounded. You can’t beat live music.

    It wasn’t as cold here as Allison has been experiencing, probably 2 or 3 degrees. Still, it wasn’t raining and the skys were clear. I was only commenting to a guy at work today, that no matter how cold it is, you’ll always manage to see someone wearing a tshirt and possibly even shorts.

  3. so gorgeous! makes me wish i was there with you! love the cat and the kissing and your vibrams! must be such a cool/strange sensation, walking in those.

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