The Popular Podcast #311: High School Reunion

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  • Recorded on: 11.12.10

I’ve been friends with Jeremy since fourth grade. I met Natalie in high school. Her last memory of Jeremy and I was us being schwasted and obnoxious in her front yard and she shooing us away lest her parents awake from their slumber. Jeremy took off to Brazil with Natalie’s Jock Jams CD. She never saw it again. I told him he should buy it for her on iTunes. I mean it’s probably like $2.99, at this point.

Jeremy was the one that told me that Natalie lived in Austin when Jessica and I moved here. We became friends on facebook, but never hung out IRL. Then I kept seeing Natalie around town (I love this small city), and we finally ended up hanging out. Now we’re friends. Again.

I haven’t seen Jeremy since probably 2008. He got married in the mean time. We hadn’t all hung out together since, probably 1999? So we (Jessica and Betty) made some Ethiopian food from scratch and celebrated each other’s company and Jeremy’s first time to Austin. The entire experience was positively magical. The food was better than any I’ve had in a restaurant.

And we had vegan peanut butter cheesecake topped with a raw ganache that Natalie is still raving about to this day. Bliss.

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2 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #311: High School Reunion

  1. <3 the bag (hehe), and the down arrows, and the music, and how you could see the laughing moments with Kelly, Natalie, and Jeremy. :)

    MMM that food was so good.

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