The Popular Podcast #310: Introduction to Meta-Meta

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  • Recorded on: 11.11.10

Meta-Meta is the documentation of the documentation of an experience. Its a concept that was born out of the process, rather than the other way around. We never intended to make things that were ‘Meta-Meta’, we coined the term after examining the work we were doing at the time (2008) and realizing that’s what we were doing. We were taking videos of ourselves doing photo shoots. Jessica wrote her graduate school application with the intention that ‘Meta-Meta’ would be the concept she explored as an MFA student at UT.

Since then, we have noticed the concept showing up again and again in our work. We have not often deliberately focused on executing ‘Meta-Meta’, but realized upon reflective examination that the concept is present in much of our work.

Meta-Meta is a visual metaphor for the importance of vantage point in the creation of our realities. First, you have the experience, which is seen from the vantage point of the experiencer. That vantage point can never be replicated because only the experiencer can experience his reality. Then, there is the once removed version of the experience: the documentation of the experience. Though documentation can be very true to experience, the experience is removed from the original experience of the experiencer because the documenter is seeing it through his vantage point. In that way, each experience is unique. Meta-Meta takes that concept one step further. Meta-Meta is one more increment removed from reality. It depicts a single experience from a third, unique perspective. It creates a third reality from a single experience.

Meta-Meta helps us understand how subjective reality really is. Meta-Meta helps us understand that each unique vantage point creates a unique reality.

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