The Popular Podcast #309: Feeling the Feelings I Want to Feel #EHOL

  • Duration: 00:05:46
  • Recorded on: 11.11.10

This is an #EHOL from last week, so I don’t totally remember the context, but I do know it was leading into a wonderful weekend mini-retirement. I’m not sure if it is apparent or not, but I had not done my Emotional Hygiene Post before recording this, and I feel like it really made a difference. It was a little difficult for me to reach for things I was grateful for because I hadn’t yet thought about it that day. That’s one of the main benefits, I think, to doing the #EHOLs. They make you focus on all the things you are grateful for, intentions, etc. so when you are reaching for a better thought later in the day, you have a list of things to reach for.

Watching this after almost a week since we recorded it makes me feel good. Its makes me want to feel that good all the time! It helps me remember what a fun week and weekend we had. That is the number one reason why we record our podcast: so we can go back and watch our own eps and remember how awesome our lives are. And, of course, so you all can share in that joy!!

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6 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #309: Feeling the Feelings I Want to Feel #EHOL

  1. I missed you guys!! I’m glad you posted another episode. You seem a little tired.

    YAY FREEDOOOOM. So you are entirely paying your expenses with your projects now? (You’re welcome for the bluehost referral by the way. ;D)

    Also, thank you for giving me the idea to also become a bluehost affiliate myself. It makes total sense to be the affiliate of a webhost if I’m a … web designer. Duh. (I’ve helped people sign up for hosting twice already, but this never occurred to me until now.)

  2. Cutest. Couple. Ever.

    And that’s a fact! I love these videos! I love listening to you guys talk and laugh. Your beautiful! xoxo

  3. Ladies! I love you both! We need to get threaded comments on TPP, lol!

    @allison, yes we are back! sometimes we have to take mini-retirements :p but we are trying to get back into a more regular publishing schedule again.

    yes, we pay all of our expenses with our online income. it rules! so glad you started using bluehost affiliate! its such a good affiliate, too. big payout! :D
    thanks again, xoxo.

    @emma, no, you’re beautiful!! :D love yaz

    more #ehols to come! i want them for myself :p

  4. hey allison! what bluehost referral are you referring too? glad you are using it now, i love it! FREEDOM, HELL YES!

    emma, thank you so much! we feel the same about you!

  5. what’s the Abraham rampage you were talking about?

    amazing that you’re not working, and that you can still pay your bills and that you’re so happy! wonderful!

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