The Popular Podcast #308: Jockstrap Surprise!

Sheima likes the jock-strap look, but not when they are too Ren-Faire-y. Like leather and braided. For me, it is a new-found obsession. I think I love them in all their forms. It gives me a good excuse to wear a dong when I go out in public. I mean, what?

Its the future. I mean the past. And we are trying to figure out how to eat pie. I mean dick. I mean what?

Sheima likes pumpkin pie, too. But not when its too Ren-Faire-y. She said Jessica’s pie was one of the best she has ever tasted. I wonder if it was the cirCUMstances.

Thanks to Jimmy for sponsoring this episode. And special thanks to Sheima for being our Mama. Its been a delight to explore a new subject matter and production method. From the future. Jockstraps.

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Thanks Jimmy! This episode was sponsored by Jimmy Luu.

7 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #308: Jockstrap Surprise!


    Jessica – those cuffs that clip are super hott.

    Kelly- you look bomb in a jock strap and golden latex (is that what that was? cause it was amazing).

    The music was perfect.. and the pie in the bathroom?! Awesome.

    So. Awesome.

  2. yaya! i’m so glad you said that because i love this ep too!!! so glad someone agrees :D

    i love the production method soooo much! its so easy and such high quality! and we got to do an awesome photo shoot!

    i want jockstraps to be my new thing. didn’t u like my package?!?!

    thank you for the love!! i want to do more eps like this!


    have a wonderful day, betty :D

  3. YAYYYY!!! Thanks Betty! So glad you liked the ep! And the cuffs! They are my winter cuffs, all furry inside ;D

    And god DAMN did those shiny leggings (I mean spraypainted latex) look great on her ass!

  4. Yes! It was all so great!
    The production looked like it was a ton of fun and the simplicity of the pics set to the perfect choice in music was what made it.
    Loved the pkg and the leggings on Kelly, twas hawt.
    Glad to know those cuffs are furry on the inside.. that makes them even better. :)

    This may be a HUGE favor to ask because it would be sneaking behind the scenes, but could I possibly sit in while you guys format and edit an ep? I am really interested in how you guys put everything together and the trials you run until you get the ep to where you want to post it.

  5. omg that is soooo flattering! yes, we would love to do it!!

    thursday when u get out of class? we are thinking a meta-episode about our process! so like, an ep about how we make our eps! its gonna be SO META!

    we can tell you about the concept that has driven most of our work since 2007: META-META!

    Also, we will feed you some stew and muffs for din-din :)

  6. Hooray! That is so perfect! I get out of class at 3, but want to go running after. Can I come over after that? Possibly around 430 or so? Thank you! I am so excited to see this side of the process!

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