The Popular Podcast #307: Magick Food

It was our best dinner party yet. Our crowning glory. They get better every time. Betty gave us the idea. She wanted to try cooking with pumpkin. And she wanted to try making ravioli from scratch. Betty expertly banged out enough little stuffed delights for all six dinner party attendees while Jessica provided the dough-babies.

Dough babies are bite-size pizza dough bits that we bake, then smother in olive oil. Better than restaurant food, according to Kevin. I agree. The pizza dough was left over from a quadruple batch we made a couple weeks ago. We meant to make pizzas, but ended up experimenting with dough in different forms. Dough babies were born.

I made the pumpkin pie from scratch the day before. Real, baked pumpkin. Real crust. All vegan. All made with love. All superb. Yes, we put love in our food. Yes, we focus on feeling good while we make it. That’s why each dinner party is better than the next. That is why 6 different people can come together around an awkward kitchen bar and have the best four hours of their lives enjoying 5 courses of handmade, from-scratch vegan food. Thank you, Stephen, for sponsoring this episode, and for participating in our dinner parties. Thank you, Betty, for the inspiration to fulfill my childhood dream of baking a real pumpkin pie from scratch. Thank you, Universe! Thank you, Jessica! Thank you, everyone! I love you!

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Thanks Stephen! This episode was sponsored by Stephen Cade.

11 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #307: Magick Food

  1. Oooooo! I love the stop-motion! Was that really hard/time consuming to do?

    This year was the first year I baked a pumpkin pie as well… though mine wasn’t totally from scratch. But I made the crust from scratch!!

    When you guys develop your Magick Food site, are you going to post the recipes for the things you make? Also, just in case you haven’t considered this (but you probably have), the laws around serving food are really strict, you may need to get some kind of certification or something if you are turning it into a business. Anyway, worth looking into!

  2. Allison, the stop motion definitely prolonged our cooking by about 4 hours! But it was really fun to try out a new production method so it was worth it :]

    Congrats on your own pie! It is so satisfying!

    We will definitely post the ingredients for all our food, and probably the recipe too. Most of our recipes have been linked to in our posts anyway. I’m so excited to work on the menu today! I love magick food!

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. OH MY GOSH!!! You guys totes rocked the stop-motion vid! I love it!!!! What a great ep! I love that you guys do the typing on the comp screen so that there is still some “verbal” aspect to the ep! I love that we got to take part in some of the snap shots for the stop-motion! :) The pumpkins in the beginning were soooo cute! Great job!!

  4. yay! stop motion was so fun to do. we filled three CF cards with all the photos! thank u for participating!

    glad you are feeling they type! i really like doing it that way. its so fun to figure out how to add type in the videos!

    definitely more stop-motion vids to come!

  5. and the typing doesn’t waste any paper!
    it took FOREVER to capture the typing tho, need to remember to turn the image quality down next time…

    thanks betty!!!!!

  6. i love that our process matures every episode! i love that we are doing so many new and different things just because we are learning by doing! i love learning by doing!! i love getting better every time! i love iterations. i love seeing improvement. i love seeing my work grow and get better! i love that this is our work! i love that this is our job! i love that we are sooooo good at our job!!

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