The Popular Podcast #306: Letting Go and Living Real Time #EHOL

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone remembered that all you have to do is let go of the things you want and then they will come? We are finally understanding that we don’t have any control over anything besides our mood. We feel like the boat has turned. We feel full speed ahead.

The day was full of brand-new, amazing, experiences. It felt like a vacation to be at the gym. Jessica ran extra miles. I hopped on the row machine and also lifted weights. Jessica got new Vibrams. Being at Whole Earth was like being a kid again. We got to go to a new grocery store, Central Market, for the first time, and going to new grocery stores is one of my favorite pastimes! We got our shopping done before we expected and eliminated an errand! Then another errand came to us!

We are so focused on solutions! We are so in alignment with solutions. Our blender broke, and Jessica didn’t even blink an eye before coming up with the food processor solution. We bask. We relax. We allow. We are going to make a menu for our food and start selling it to more people!

We are publishing in real time! We get to make a pumpkin pie, a dream I’ve had since childhood! And its going to be vegan! And magickal! And we have vegan redi-whip!


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4 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #306: Letting Go and Living Real Time #EHOL

  1. Holy moly. I’m so happy for you guys!! I guess we’ll be hearing more about the advertising thing soon enough?

    Whenever you post these EHOLs I always have to watch them more than once. They’re so good!

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