The Popular Podcast #305: Daggers of Cute #EHOL

  • Duration: 00:05:24
  • Recorded on: 11.03.10

Today was so awesome! We have been so deliberate about our vibrations and meditating everyday for a few weeks now. Our new thing is to meditate with friends. We also decided that after we got a few more of these EHOLs up, we’re going to start having people on the show and do them with us.

Today, we went to the mall and it was like a carnival. A carniMall! Jessica got to ride a hurricane simulation ride, we got shock therapy, and won some stuffed animal prizes! Then we got to go grocery shopping and get a loaf pan, a pie pan, and makings for our first ever attempt at pumpkin pie!

Then we edited another thrilling episode of The Popular Podcast after we made a bunch of magickal food including english muffins, salsa, cheezey potatoes, and bean burgers! Then we recorded this and it made us feel even better! Vroop Vroop!!

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