The Popular Podcast #304: Happy Halloween Anniversary in Austin, Texas!

A group of four people dressed up as the Flintstones masterfully maneuvered their way through the Sea of Sixth. Jessica and I camped by Cop Zone Central.

We took it easy this Halloween. Blues bands serenaded. The cold front moved in and out again. The heat from the bass lingered and caught a ride home. Partners in creation don’t always have the same experience— we are all feeling the same beat, but interpreting it uniquely. We are dancing together, but in our own space.

Thank you to Matthew for sponsoring this episode! It was a great anniversary and Halloween! We are in such a different place than we were last year at this time, and we are so grateful for that. On our anniversary, we celebrated that we never fight anymore and don’t have a reason to. We celebrated that we can do our own thing and do what makes us feel good and not have to worry about what the other person is feeling because only she is in control of her vibration. We celebrated that our lives are more and more like Halloween everyday! We celebrated an amazing month that has been our best month yet in so many respects! We celebrated how far we have come and how practiced we are becoming at training our vibrations! We celebrated our deliberate focus for the entire month! We celebrated so many new ideas! We celebrated so much joy, satisfaction, elation, and love. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this most enchanting October. We love each and every one of you for your beautiful, unique contribution to the universe.

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Thanks Matthew! This episode was sponsored by Matthew Sylvester.

3 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #304: Happy Halloween Anniversary in Austin, Texas!

  1. Hah! Great ep, loved it. So proud to be associated with it! I really think the two of you are doing great work, you’ve really found your voice in the past couple of months! xx

  2. Thanks for commenting Matthew! It makes us feel so good to hear you say we’ve found our voice!!!!!!! We feel like that too!!

    AHhhh everything is wonderful, thank you for being so awesome :]

  3. oh man, yes! it feels so good for you to say that! we have been having so much fun the past few months and really loving what we are doing. i know i am definitely feeling our eps hard!!

    thanks again, matthew, for you support! so happy to make it for you <3

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