The Popular Podcast #303: Our First Video Emotional Hygiene

  • Duration: 00:05:33
  • Recorded on: 11.01.10

Our first ’emotional hygiene out-loud,’ known hereforth as EHOLs, came to us on the way home from Burnet on our last visit. Jessica got up before me, completed the chores, and then we left. We didn’t take the time to compose our daily posts, which left us feeling messy inside, because those posts are what line up our energy every day. Now that we are so practiced, feeling out of alignment feels like having not brushed our teeth.

The second EHOL came while we were camping with Betty. Jessica and I placed the intention of doing it out-loud while we were there because we thought it would be great to do it with a friend. It was phenomenal. It was so refreshing to get new ideas and things to be grateful for!

Our goal is to be a resource for feeling good, and we thought, what better way than to start recording a hygiene out-loud everyday. Its something we are already in the practice of doing, and it helps us while we help others. Like everything else in life, its a win-win ;) Enjoy, and look forward to more in the future. And tell us what you are grateful for, or what you intend, or what you think would be nice, or what you love in the comments! Mwah!

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5 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #303: Our First Video Emotional Hygiene

  1. “I love that a problem only comes so a solution can exist.”

    You just BLEW MY MIND! That is such an awesome, positive way to think about problems! And you guys are so super cute! And both your hair is awesome! And eyeliner is awesome! And Jessica, your skeleton jacket is SO RAD!

    Love you guys!

  2. I am SOOOO happy you guys did this ep! I love your new creative vids, but seeing and hearing you two go off on a rampage was so fulfilling. I love seeing your creativity, but I also love seeing your direct personality. And I love that Emma’s mind was blown!

  3. i love you ladies so much! thank you for watching and being an inspiration to us to post these! thank you for your comments! i love waking up to treasures in my treasure box (inbox)!

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