The Popular Podcast #302: Camping at McKinney Falls State Park

My lucky shirt still smells of fire. I washed it two days ago. The shirt depicts Snoopy with a flock of Woodstocks and says, “Just me and my shorties.”

Camping is kind of like that. Nothing else exists besides the people and the nature. Meanwhile, we remain so grateful that we are still in Austin. We could get more Tito’s if we really wanted to. But we were content with the friends and Lone Stars we manifested.

The one thing I really wanted to talk about was our podcast, and I thank Betty for kindly obliging. The three of us leveled up multiple times during the trip, it was a trip, even though it wasn’t, it still was. Because we are already on the level. Or had gotten to the level with those potatoes and the perfect fire stirring stick and stimulating conversation and waking up in a spaceship with your connection to reality hovering above you.

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2 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #302: Camping at McKinney Falls State Park

  1. This TPP was the perfect depiction of the camping trip. The music chosen was on point! Haha, I love that I didn’t remember trying to break open that tree ball thing until the next day when I was trying to figure out why my nails were so filled with grime. :)

  2. lmao @ that ball thing. wtf was that thing?

    can’t wait to go camping again! so many revelations! so much leveling up! so much trippin! so much manifestin’! so much feelin’ gooooooooood!!!


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