The Popular Podcast #301: Sending Mail to Afghanistan (We Love You Michael!)

Michael, Jessica’s brother, is coming home soon! Less than two months! Jessica and I were pondering all the things we love about him the other day and decided to send him some mail to get him through his last few weeks abroad. We sent a few books in .pdf form; that we could edit thanks to an editor from, a couple episodes of our podcast that featured his cats, some movies, some of the awesome music we have been using here on TPP, and a postcard telling him how much we love and adore his expansion.

The best part about this episode is that we were going to put off curating the package until after we got back from camping, but we decided to act on our inspiration and mail it the night before we left. We knew we had to do it then or never, and we think he will love receiving it. Can’t wait to see you soon, Michael!

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