The Popular Podcast #300: Death Metal Pizza Birthday

Joy and Josh didn’t know they were joining us for Dan‘s birthday party until they were already there. Yes, The Parlor is always this grim. No, it was not just for Halloween. We love the aptly named metal bar and pizzeria because sometimes you just need to sit under red lights and devour a vegan pizza. Especially on October 29th.

Then, we were so metal, we did a puzzle. Thanks to Dan for sponsoring this episode, thanks to The Parlor for always feeling like October 29th, and thanks to Joy, Josh, Betty, and Teel for joining the fun!

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Thanks Dan! This episode was sponsored by Dan Gentry.

4 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #300: Death Metal Pizza Birthday

  1. Ahahahah! Loved this ep! I love how the entire thing was done in stills (or at least it looked that way). The music was perfect. And the (.).) too! Thanks Dan for being part of this hilarious and beautiful TPP.

  2. yes, it was all stills! our camera broke that day, so we had to improvise, lol. or actually, it broke when were campin. anyway, yes, i love the way it turned out! and how its all syncopated with the music in the beginning. we def want to to more stop motion eps like this. wooooooooo i love new ideas!!



  3. FUCK YEAH!! I am so there!

    Loved the episode, my wife just kind of stared at the screen :)

    I have been loving your post production lately. Compelling edits and quirky, interesting music.

  4. yay, so glad you liked it! i had to watch it again just to imagine your wife ‘just kind of staring at the screen’ LOL!

    thanks for the complimenting the production, we have been having so much fun with it lately. we love how delightfully lo-fi it is :)

    and thanks again for sponsoring dan, hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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