The Popular Podcast #298: Our First Time (Making Vegan Cupcakes)

We talked about an elaborate set-up in which we projected awesome video on ourselves while Jessica and I and some friends made up a dance routine. Our friend has a projector, and it sounded really good in the planning stage. Buuuuut sometimes things just don’t feel right, and Jessica and I have been trying to practice really feeling our way to the next action and letting everything evolve on its own.

When the routine ep didn’t really go down, we chilled on it for day, and then realized we had been meaning to have a ‘cupcake date’! Allison‘s birthday episode was the perfect excuse to finally do some vegan baking! We’ve been talking about trying vegan cupcakes lately, but we just never really made it a priority. That’s probably partially because we need to purchase a cupcake pan and partially because we were intimidated by the new process. That’s what is so cool about the episode sponsorships— it makes us do things that we want to do, but maybe wouldn’t normally do, or have been putting off, or maybe never even thought of. We love it!

So we got to work acquiring cupcake makings, designing a poster for Allison that we can also keep hanging in our kitchen because its so beautiful, and had a little party of our own right here in Austin. We had so much fun pulling the party together; thanks again, Allison, for sponsoring this awesome episode! And Happy Birthday!

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Thanks Allison! This episode was sponsored by Allison Koberstein

5 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #298: Our First Time (Making Vegan Cupcakes)

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

    Thank you so much! The whole episode was just beautiful. The song, the poster, the unicorns, the baking, the footage of the supplies in the show, you guys… Eee. So happy right now. I love it. Don’t worry about the routine. :3

    What recipe did you guys use for the cupcakes? Here is a recipe I use all the time: Chocolate chai cupcakes!

    Aaaand, do you think you could email me the poster? I’d love to print it out and put it on my wall!!

    Thanks again!

  2. Happy Birthday Allison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy happpy happpy happpy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy DON’T EVER STOP! Jessica and Kellie please don’t ever stop. You give me such a sense of joy! I have been following you for several months now and EVERY SINGLE TIME, you both lift my spirit and make me feel happy happy happy. I wish you and everyone reading this a life filled with joy. We all deserve it. We all have it inside us. Big hugs and love and kisses all around. Peace!


  3. Absolutely amazing, girls. Your podcast has been ridiculously impressive, especially lately. I’m really loving it, and I know others are. Keep up the brilliant work. You ladies are incredible. (:

    Much love.

  4. ladies, thank you for all the amazing feedback!

    its so cool, because this was definitely one of our favorite eps to create, and we were so in the zone when were editing it that we didn’t care that we were up untill 4am! i love that the inspired work is always what gets the best feedback. just more motivation to make sure i am always doing inspired work :)

    allison, thank you again, so much for sponsoring this episode and being the motivation behind us making something we love so much! i’m so glad you liked all the parts! it was so fun to make, and felt totally effortless. i love that there are so many add-ons to this episode like the poster and the photo shoot. and the jams ended up being so perfect too. ahhhhhh everything is so perfect its blowing my mind! did you get the poster printed out ok?

    elizabeth, i’m so glad TPP makes you feel so good! that is our goal. we really want to be a resource for people looking to feel good. like, you know if you want to feel good that you can go and watch some TPP and get feelin’ good. it makes me feel so good that it makes you feel good! its a perpetual circle jerk! and i mean that in the best way possible. huge love hugs and kisses to you as well. thank you for your feedback and thank you for being your amazing, perfect self!

    jetta, thank you! thanks for watching! thanks for the awesome feedback! it always feels good to get good feedback. i’m so glad we met and are like super-good friends now :D i’m so glad we get to enhance our hyphy by peeping your shit all the time. congrats on everything, shit seems like its been super-tight for you, lately! mucho love and adoration to you as well!

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh replying to these comments is making me feel so good. i feel like i am simultaneously going to explode and pee my pants. but in the best way possible. OMG I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! I LOVE THAT YOU ARE ALL IN MY LIFE! THANK YOU!!!

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