The Popular Podcast #297: We Love Our Vibram Five Fingers!

Our friend Donny wanted us to record about our favorite shoes for his birthday episode. I’m not sure, but I think his concept may have been motivated by some shit that went down with some nasty feet in a hotel room in Long Beach? I’m just not sure. The whole thing is a little fuzzy.

Thanks to Donny for giving us motivation to record this episode, because we LOVE talking about our Vibram Five Fingers shoes! We wear them everywhere. We walk in them, we run in them, we bike in them, we wear them dancing. They are the only other shoes we wear besides flip flops. We want to get more pairs to go with different outfits! We have been tracking our miles since we got them, and Jessica added it up today— we’ve logged over 400 miles in our VFFs!

I took a look at the bottoms of mine this morning and realized the big toe is getting a little worn through. Which is awesome, because Vibram came out with a new running model since I purchased my KSOs, and I’ve been dying to have a reason to get some! Sup Vibram? Can I have the blue ones, please? Size W40. And Jessica would like the pink ones ;) W38!

And one last thing: we purchased our Vibram Five Fingers last April and we live in Texas. We haven’t had to worry about the cold since we got them, but now the only shoes we wear are our VFFs, and we are maybe-possibly moving to Toronto. We need your help Vibram! Don’t leave us out in the cold! Don’t make us go back to ‘regular shoes’! We need some boots with the fur!

Thanks again, Donny, for sponsoring this awesome episode!

[Duration: 00:05:23] [Recorded On: 10.19.10]

Audio Credit:Lip Gloss & Brustmuskeldance by TAPETE

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Thanks Donny! This episode was sponsored by Donny Hall

3 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #297: We Love Our Vibram Five Fingers!

  1. If I were working for the Vibram company, I would sponsor/ ship you some boots for Toronto. :)

    You guys are getting really creative with the film angles.. and where are you finding all this amazing music? Can’t wait for you to come out with the comprehensive “TPP soundtrack” of music you have used in the vids (even though you are showing credits at the end.. which is amazing btw).

    PS- Great job Donny for the idea for this ep!

  2. hey betty, thanks for commenting!

    we get all the music from

    you can find the audio credit link after the description at the bottom of every post. so glad you are feelin’ the jams!

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