The Popular Podcast #296: Hobbies, Pets, & Legos: Oh My!

Every time we film one of our sponsored episodes, we talk about what a cool project the ‘Programming Schedule’ ended up being! We are motivated externally to publish (or at least record) on a deadline, and people’s suggestions give us totally new ideas for topics or adventures that we previously did not consider. The same is true for this awesome episode, sponsored by my brother, Spencer Cree!

We have been getting really good at feeling our way to the next action, lately. Yesterday, we set out to record this adventure, but we had to do a couple errands first like go to the post office and the bank. We biked to our errands and planned to just bike a few places afterwards that we thought Spencer would enjoy. When we were done at the post office, though, both of us were feeling kind of…meh. What we were doing didn’t seem natural. We decided to come home and post Betty’s ep and do a couple other things first before driving to our other destinations later.

And we felt soooo much better! Its like all we really wanted to do was get a few more things accomplished before we set out on our adventure. So, we ended up working on stuff around the house until almost the last minute! The pet store and hobby store both closed at 8; we ended up leaving our house at 730. And everything worked out perfectly!! We had to get in and get out of both places, which left us wanting more instead of being saturated. We realize now that we would much rather be left wanting more than to get sick of something. And we got so many inspired ideas from the shops we went to! Its totally not something we would ever do ourselves— set out at 730 on a Monday night to go to some random stores, but it ended up being soooo fun!

Then we went to the Lego store and had our minds thoroughly blown. Thanks for the awesome adventure, Spence!

[Duration: 00:06:40] [Recorded On: 10.18.10]

Audio Credit:Dama Zubrowka by Creve Nuit

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Thanks Spencer! This episode was sponsored by Spencer Cree