The Popular Podcast #295: Every Night is Date Night

After drinking and hanging out Thursday(10.15) and Friday(10.16), Jessica and I were both feeling a chill night hanging out just the two of us. We realized when we were sitting atop the Whole Foods roof experiencing a most decadent sunset coupled with an overflowing, vegan taco, that we have been stumbling into more perfect date-nights than either of us could have planned.

We care so much about our vibration now, that it seems nothing can bring us down. We were both feeling a little fatigued after drinking two nights in a row (the first time since our ‘bender’ earlier this month), but sooooo proud of ourselves for being able to drink and not let our vibration down! It’s weird to say, but we often feel a sense of relief when we don’t have the urge to drink. Its like, oh good, we don’t have to fight that off today.

In short, everything has been going fantastically well. We are focusing. We are wanting to work on our projects. We are always finding new adventures and experiences. And it just keeps getting better!

[Duration: 00:02:36] [Recorded On: 10.16.10, 10.17.10]

Audio Credit:Zébulon à l’ Elysée by Creve Nuit

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