The Popular Podcast #294: House of Torment?

Schwasted! Thanks, Betty, for an amazing haunted house adventure! Betty sponsored a trip to a haunted house, and since our first attempt foiled, Jessica, Betty, Joy and I all went to The House of Torment together last Friday. It was the perfect HH experience. We got to walk from Joy’s because she lives so close. We got to drink a bunch of Tito’s beforehand. We got to go with a group of awesome ladies! Its was slightly chilly out but still warm! We got to wait in line! We got to talk to some cool people! And the haunted house was super….not scary! LOL! It was the most, not-scary HH we have ever been to! But you know what, that did not matter one bit because the journey was the destination. Thanks, again, Betty!

[Duration: 00:04:17]

Audio Credit: Exorcize the Sound, & The House of the Maniac, by Mindwatcher

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Thanks Betty! This episode was sponsored by Betty Verbeke

2 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #294: House of Torment?

  1. I am sooo glad you guys enjoyed the HH! It was indeed the least scary HH I have ever walked through. Haha, but the night was amazing. I love the video and love you guys X 98237497y54. :)

    ps- loved the vacation from vacation vid as well.. especially the choice of French music synchronized perfectly with the clips. All the vegan food looks scrumptious on film. Mmmm.

  2. We had a wonderful time! It was such a perfect HH experience. So glad Joy was able to join us, as well. And Tito.

    I was mad feeling that French music, too! We are going to do a ‘TPP Soundtrack’ soon with highlights from all the bad ass music we have been using. Love it!

    Thanks for commentin’!!!

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