The Popular Podcast #293: Vacation From Vacation From Vacation From

We got to take another trip to our country home last week! It all worked out perfectly because just a couple days prior to finding out that we were going to get to go, Kelly was pining for a trip to the country. Its like a vacation from vacation! Its so close, yet so far away! And we got to go to Inks Lake this time! And the pets are so loving and easy to care for! And we got to take a drive back to Austin while we were there so it was like taking a vacation to our own city! It was so weird to come ‘back home’ to the country. We got to meditate outside a lot! And work on our vibrations! And Betty came out and cooked for us! And we got to drink Tito’s!!!

[Duration: 00:08:24]

Audio Credit: Sur la route de la vie, Les petites fleurs bleues, & Chanson pour Alaîa, by Marc ANDRÉ

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