The Popular Podcast #291: What Is Thelema?

Recorded on October 12, Aleister Crowley‘s birthday, this episode of The Popular Podcast introduces new perspectives. Our friend, Todd Barnard, sponsored this episode on Thelema: a 100-yr old religion which dictates duty to one’s higher self as one’s only duty. We were so grateful to get to explore this concept as both of us were yearning for a new way to think about  The Teachings of Abraham.

Jessica and I are attracting a lot of information lately that all points to the same basic beliefs: we are mostly non-physical beings and feeling good is the most important thing to do in physical reality. Also, reality is subjective.

The research phase of this episode was eye-opening. The more we read about Thelema, the more we realized how closely it resembled what we have been learning from Abraham and elsewhere.

Todd also asked us to discuss the tenants of Thelema in relationship to the predictability of the technological singularity. Todds hypothesis is that the singularity will be imminent when most people are already practicing the tenants of Thelema. We disagree.

Crowley taught his students to skeptically examine their progress with magick and meditation and recommended that they keep a ‘magical journal’. Eureka! That’s exactly what Jessica and I have been doing with our lifestreaming— objectively testing our magical powers. Todd believes that by quantifying the behavior that everyone is sharing via lifestreams, facebook, twitter, etc., that we can measure how close we are to the singularity by measuring how many people are following the duties of Thelema. We argue that the singularity is already taking place.

[Duration: 00:10:49]

Audio Credit: Shadow — A Parable, The Ribald Genie & The Bridge of Khazad-dûm by Meczup

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Thanks Todd! This episode was sponsored by Todd Barnard

3 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #291: What Is Thelema?

  1. Wow! I’d never even heard of Thelema, but you’re right, it does sound very similar to the teachings of Abraham, and a lot of other things.

    I’ve always thought of the Singularity as something that would unfold ‘no matter what’, since it’s basically the rate of technological progression, which doesn’t necessarily depend on what people’s world views are…. well… I guess they do influence eachother, but I see it more of a “this will happen as long as people keep working on gadgets” thing rather than a “this will happen if people start thinking a certain way” thing.

    I love when you guys do these “talking/discussing ideas and revelations” episodes!

    And… what is that tall-spikey-looking thing on your table? o_o

  2. i am pretty new to you guy’s podcast but i have watched a lot of your episodes. i am a big fan and you guys crack me up. one question though, i see stuff about you guys showing your boobs and stuff but i have never actually seen an episode where this happened. am i missing it?!?!
    thank and keep up the good work.

  3. allison, so glad you are feeling these type of episodes! we are massively feeling it, too! re: the singularity, the discussion, to me, is less about whether its going to happen ( i, too, believe it will happen no matter what), but rather the predictability of when. the question is: can we predict it or will it blindside us? maybe a little of both ;)

    dylan, hello! thank you for watching! so glad you are enjoying it :D we did used to show our boobs from time to time, though i can’t remember specifically any episodes in which we do. you will have to dig for them :p i’ll email you more information about the $7/mo premium content subscription. thanks for signing up and getting in touch!

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