The Popular Podcast #290: ACL 2010 Edition

Jessica and I decided to go loiter around the Austin City Limits Music Festival the past couple days— just to see what the vibe is like. We didn’t have tickets, but we love people watching, and wanted to take in the atmosphere. It really is almost like attending! It was so cool to see the way Zilker Park was all set up for the festival; neither of us recognized it.

Friday night, we rode our bikes on the Hike and Bike Trail west toward the Park and felt like we were in a music video as some sweet & trippy band lighted our path. We proceeded to stand with our bikes at the exit gates and stare as floods of people exited the festival.

The streets overflowed with pedicabs and cyclists and we remarked, “that’s the way it will always be, soon.”

Then we hung out with Joy who is currently obsessed with clocks. She needs three more for her study. It was reclockulous.

We returned to ACL today, Saturday. That is how enamored with it we are. We just popped in on our way to Whole Foods! And ate a doggy treat at Cool Haus! Thanks, everyone, for visiting and bringing your positive vibrations! Austin loves you!

[Duration: 00:09:05]

Audio Credit: Flowers Language, Recover Health, Please, New Life, Blue & Organic by Poetize Code

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