The Popular Podcast #285: Cats Rule, Dogs Drool

Our friend Natalie wanted us to volunteer at Dogtoberfest. We really liked the suggestion because we have been obsessed with events that end in toberfest for a few years now. I’m not sure if we actually attended, but we definitely saw a sign for Motortoberfest once and that is when the obsession began. Thanks for knowing us, Natalie.

When we found out Dogtoberfest was at a bar, we were even more excited.

Then we stopped at Torchy’s on the way there, bought a jug of wine and some foam cups from the mini-mart across the street, ate at a hot-dog stand called Man Eats Dog and realized we were already in the midst of our own Dogtoberfest. By simply setting out with the intention to notice dogs, we noticed them everywhere: a woman in the park doing a cute trick with her dog, dogs in cars at Texaco-Town, POSSESSED DOGS IN HALLOWEEN LAND!


[Duration: 00:04:53]

Audio Credit: A Tale For Lancinant Screws and Kwaidan by Meczup

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Thanks Natalie! This episode was sponsored by Natalie Strobach

1 thought on “The Popular Podcast #285: Cats Rule, Dogs Drool

  1. So…it seems like you reneged on the offer of participating in Dogtoberfest. Wasn’t the point of this sponsored episode to do what the person (Natalie) paid you to do? I’m glad you noticed dogs, but you didn’t volunteer….so technically you should give that money back.

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