The Popular Podcast #284: Bender Finale

Yes, you may have noticed that we were on a bender last week. This was a follow up to a week of sobriety before that. Which followed a short bender of a couple days. Which followed a couple months of sobriety.

The point I am trying to make is that we are finally learning that the same thing isn’t going to make us happy every day. We are learning more to do what we want instead of what we think we should do. We have experienced this over and over again, but the lesson is finally starting to become ingrained.

Its like the first time we went to Energy Wednesdays at Karma. We just had so much fun and thought that Karma was going to be our new thing. We thought we were going to go every week and have the same amazing time we had the first time. Well, we went the next week and were like, meh. It was fun, but just not the same.

The same thing happened to us earlier this summer when we first started going to the farmer’s market. We had such a banner time the first time we went this summer, that we thought we had to replicate that every Saturday. The next Saturday we went, but nothing could top the previous week. We started to catch on to, and we now understand as fact, is that it’s the variety, the contrast, that is the spice of life. We had such a good time at both events because it was something new. Attempting to try to replicate those rare and unique experiences only watered them down because there is no way to replicate the newness.

Now we know the same methods to feel good don’t work every time. Mostly importantly, we are just trying to keep it fun and interesting!

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