The Popular Podcast #283: Yep, We Like Structure

We spent a number of weeks exploring the contrast and rounding the corners of our reality, and the conclusion we came to is that we do, indeed, thrive in a structured environment. Staying up all night and not knowing what day it is and sleeping for who knows how long and really not having much of a grasp on the reality we once knew is exciting, and a great way to trick your mind into thinking differently about what you perceive, but its not the most productive situation. And what we realize now is that, while that is fun every once in awhile, it is much easier for us to maintain a positive attitude with some continuity. We began a new marathon training schedule, have been eating normal meals, and have been getting up early every day and enjoying the sunlight, and the positive effects are completely evident. It is much easier to focus.

We are so proud of ourselves— we went to Jessica’s parents to house sit, and while we spent the first day lounging and filling our heads and stomachs with candy, we quickly realized the difference in how we felt compared to when we weren’t doing those things. We definitely picked up an old vibration we left there, but since we were there for a couple days, we had the opportunity to clean it up. Now, next time we go to Burnet, we will be massively vortexin’ it! w00t w00t! I love us!

[Duration: 00:07:47]

Audio Credit: XNDL_landung & XNDL_extraterrestrisch

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9 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #283: Yep, We Like Structure

  1. I’ve a question!

    So I’ve been listening to The Secret trying to take everything in and I got to the part about regulating weight with the LOA and the thoughts make you fat part. I’ve been trying hard to wrap my head around this and a few other things in regards to changing the effects that things have on us. I mean if I sit here and eat donut after donut day after day, I must put on weight! Right? Everything else seems so logical, there must be something I’m missing.

    I tried explaining it out loud to myself. I tried talking to my boyfriend about it, but he doesn’t have interest in it. And now I’m stuck… It’s a fun stuck but I’m starting to get frustrated.

  2. emma, that is a great question! something that we have spent a lot of time discussing, as well. would love to talk more about it next episode.

    thanks for the suggestion!!

    to touch on it a little bit, and not leave you hanging ’till we record about it, its all about your beliefs. you believe that if you eat a ton of donuts, you will gain weight. if that is your expectation, that will be the result. the thing is, is that sometimes (often) it is easier to change our behaviors based on a belief than change our beliefs. if eating a donut still seems upstream, then you’re going to get upstream results. its a lot easier to feel good by not eating the donut than it is to force yourself to eat the donut because you want to believe that it won’t do anything. you have to actually be in that place of believing. and maybe, in the future, you could easily be in that place of believing because you’ve seen the law of attraction in action in every other aspect of your life. for now, though, its probably your best bet to focus on what’s easiest and what feels the best!

    hope that helps :) and feel free to respond if that doesn’t make sense!


  3. Where have the last few weeks gone? All seems a bit of a blur. I have a few videos and posts to catch up on.
    Like Todd I loved the video. Previous ‘still’ pictures have never done your parent’s place justice.
    I can’t remember the last time I watch a programme of my own choosing. When my family were away about a year ago, (I was home alone doing some decorating or something similar) it amused me that I found myself watching the same programmes my wife watched as I was familiar with the storyline and they characters. When you seldom watch TV it becomes difficult to make decision on what to watch.
    Moving on, it was so interesting to see some of the land and animals around it. (What were the large birds?) I lost count of how many cats were there. It seemed that you were perminently in the kitchen preparing meals for them and the dogs. (It reminded me of weekends when I seldom seem to be out of the kitchen for long and I only have a wife and 2 kids.)
    No wonder structure began to form in your lives; the animals all probably had a routine with Jessica’s parents and no doubt they constantly reminded you to ensured that you both observed it.
    I thought Jessica’s parents moved there to retire; seems quite a bit of work to me, but then again, having brought up 4 children who have all moved out, they probably welcome the opportunity to care for animals that might need their attention from time to time.
    How old are the dogs?

  4. Hey David! The large birds are guinea hens, and they serve as bug eaters and snake alarms. They are very stupid.

    Keeping a schedule caring for animals was lovely for structure, but dogs certainly keep you tied to home more… so needy!

    The all black dog, Joey, is about 8 and Sheeba is about 6, I believe.

    My parents like their animals fo sho!

  5. thanks for the long comment, david.

    you should comment more often! i love how you already know so much about us. like that jessica’s parents moved to TX to retire. and that you’ve seen their house so many times before.

  6. Jessica,
    my parents have had two dogs over the last 25 years, both “Emma” and “Honey” have been cocker spaniels from the same breeder. Both had/have their routine. Both ‘needy’ as you so aptly put it, Honey is now blind. (You might remember some months ago when you were considering best ways to get up in the morning, I suggested you keep a dog for that very reason. Cats are so independent)

    like both of you, my wife and I have people watched for years, but this has often been from a distance at a particular location and chances are that you will never see those people you observe ever again. used to be a favourite haunt, while we were dating. Lifestreaming and similar on-line activities on the other hand give you the perfect opportunity to see the same people many times over. If you observe this on a regular basis and ask question you feel are appropriate, you form a picture, fill the gaps, look for what is not said. You are both so open about your views, thoughts and feelings. I have been aware of you and Jessica for 18 months (seems sad that 12seconds is closing down) and I have watched with interest how you go about your lives; so different from my own. You’ve always published such facinating content, all the highs and lows. It shouldn’t take too much to remember a few bits and recall them at times I feel appropriate.
    In terms of commenting maybe I could say more, (some might say I already have said and done too much). Many times I have lacked the self-confidence, other times I have felt that others would do or have done a better job. Also real life has been quite demanding over the last few months so consequently my on-line endeavours, such as they are, have been much reduced. Maybe as the nights draw in and the family can be encouraged to go to bed earlier, my nocturnal activities might once again flourish.
    (Another reason is that I do have a tendency to go on and on, once I get started so there’s a real danger of me exceeding the word count of the original post.)

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