The Popular Podcast #282: The Perfect Love

Everything is so crazy! This shit is getting crazier everyday! We didn’t really reset our sleep schedule because we slept too long and now we are feeling so fucking good that we don’t want to go to be early like we said we would! Shit is popping all over the place and we barely know what to do with ourselves at the same time that it is all so expected and normal! Jessica wrote me a love letter and then our song played right when I was reading it, then Jessica went to go watch the video for the song— “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper— and Jessica has the same haircut as Cyndi in the video. This was all after we ran into a new friend at Wal Mart who said he recognized us from a place we had never been and told us we had the perfect love! And it just keeps getting better!!!!

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8 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #282: The Perfect Love

  1. Whoaa!! That is freaky!

    Hmmm, I haven’t noticed any synchronicities around lately, I probably just need to practice more.

    But I did manifest $700 a couple weeks ago, which is something! :D

    One time that I noticed an obvious synchronicity was the first time I tried to manifest money. I was trying for $10. Later that day, I was reading a thread on the Steve Pavlina forum about a book called Busting Loose from the Money Game, and they were talking about how the book uses the term ‘eggs’ to mean… I forget, resistance or something? So the author wanted you to go on an ‘egg hunt’.

    The next morning, my mom told me that since it was Easter (I had completely forgotten it was Easter), she was going to hide eggs filled with money in the back yard and make my brother and I go on an egg hunt. I mean, seriously, what. She had never done that before! (I came out with $19.75.) It was rad.

  2. Allison,
    WOW! Ok first, how did you manifest the $700?!? TELL US.!
    That example of the Easter egg hunt is BRIL. What serendipity! Ok today I am on a quest to manifest $20. I think perhaps the key is to set intentions for the day. If you wake up one day, cranky and “out of the vortex” it can be hard to set intentions, and just let them slide. So if you wake up in a good mood and think “I’m going to manifest some shit today!” then I bet it’s a lot easier!

  3. Well I would still consider myself a newbie when it comes to purposefully manifesting things since I’ve only done it a handful of times and I’m still experimenting/building up confidence, but since I have had some success I don’t mind sharing what I was doing at the time!

    Here is what I have been doing (I’m sure it’s nothing revolutionary):

    1. Decide a specific thing to manifest. (e.g. $10, an iPod, etc) When choosing things, I have been starting small and working my way up, since I want to make it easy to believe that I could come across it. I don’t set a specific time frame for when it has to show up, but my general expectation is that it would show up within approximately two weeks or so. (Looking at my records though, everything has shown up within two days!! Except for one no-show.)

    2. Write today’s date and the thing to manifest in my spreadsheet log. I decided to log the specifics of each attempt because I know if I don’t, I’ll forget what happened! Haha. This is both for accountability and for confidence building – so I can see my past successes.

    3. I spend about a minute visualizing finding the thing, imagining what I would feel like when I found it, and what I would do with it once I found it.

    4. Try to go about my day without sabotaging myself. (HA.) Basically, trying to preempt any negative/counteracting thoughts. Sometimes I find myself going “Huh, maybe I’m deluding myse-NO IT WILL DEFINITELY SHOW UP.” xD I find it easier to not think about it at all than to try to think positively about it constantly.

    4.1 If any alpha reflections show up I make a note of them. I don’t always notice these though. On the day I manifested the $700, I noticed 11:11 on my phone in the morning, and then later a coworker gave me a list of edits in a page with two lists, when I was done both lists had eleven items each – another 11:11!

    5. When it shows up, I flail around excitedly going ‘ohmygodohmygodohmygodthankyou!’ and probably do what I imagined what I’d do when I found it. And then I make sure to write in my log when I found it and the circumstances in which I found it.

    And there you go! Most of my attempts have been before I was introduced to Abraham-Hicks (since I have you to thank for that!), and I’m just starting to try to feel good more of the time, so I can’t attribute my successes to that. However, I definitely think it could help. I just don’t have any experiences to back it up yet.

    I have to run to work now (late!) but later I’ll post exactly what happened with the $700. :]

  4. All right, so the $700 – I basically did what I described above, but as for the specifics, I was actually trying to manifest just $100! On the morning of Sept 1st I visualized finding the $100, feeling really excited and entering it into my finances spreadsheet, and seeing it trickle down to an increase in spending money. (Uh, as you can probably tell by now, I’m one of those people with a spreadsheet for everything.)

    That day, I noticed those synchronicities while at work as I mentioned above (with the 11:11s). One in the morning, and one midday.

    The next day in the afternoon, I got an email from my manager saying that my requested vacation time was approved. Since it is scheduled for the last two weeks of my employment, I thought that they would count me as having ‘quit early’, and that I wouldn’t get paid for those weeks – this is what I had budgeted for, though my estimates were still fuzzy.

    I asked for clarification about payment, and my manager said that “In light of my exemplary work ethic and valuable contributions to [employer]” I could have it as a paid leave! And not only that, but I could keep the 4% I was going to get in lieu of vacation (since I wasn’t planning on having one until recently). I was really surprised by this since I’m a student, and this is basically a paid internship, a temporary position.

    After I learned that, I calculated how much money I will actually end up with, and it turns out I will receive $700.03 more than I thought! Yay! (I base my spending on a partially predictive model so the effect is that I essentially have that much more spending money now.)

    My track record seems to be that when a manifestation does show up, I get more than what I ask for – up to twice as much even. But this is the first time I got 7x what I asked for. Whaaa! I wonder if this is the universe’s way of saying “Come on, don’t be shy, here, have more!” Haha.

    Anyway, I hope that was interesting or helpful to you! How did manifesting the $20 go? Did it show up yet?

  5. Allison, I just replied to you over on my site but now I’m reading this comment again… omg you are making me SO EXCITED ABOUT MANIFESTATIONS. WOW, thank you for sharing and for inspiring me today!

  6. Eeeeee. I’m so glad to have inspired you. You’re so so welcome. I get inspired from reading your posts every day (and this podcast!), you are so dedicated to pursuing joy! <3

    Relevant update: The other day I set the intention to manifest $150 free and clear, and within a couple hours a coworker contacted me about some easy web design work (he's starting a business and needs a simple site), which will definitely come out to at least $150. I'm not sure if that's THE manifestation or the alpha reflection, since it's technically not 'free and clear', but I'm still grateful. :D I'm amazed at how quickly that happened.

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