The Popular Podcast #278: Butts, Of Course

One great way to play with the law of attraction is to think about something that you have very little or no resistance to and that makes you feel good. Something you rarely think about, or don’t have any negative emotions related to, and something that it would please you see. You will notice, when you activate something that you have no resistance to and even a little bit of desire about, that the thing you ponder, if even for a moment, will manifest. If you notice it, it will manifest more frequently. We like to call these ‘confirmations from source’ or CFS.

Jessica was working on our vision board a couple weeks ago, and created a sheet that depicted numerous sexy images. She was getting in the feeling place of our new age Playboy Mansion we are going to open in Singapore. One of the images is a long line of nude women with their backs to the camera, showing their perfect nude bottoms. “Yes, please,” I exclaimed, “more butts please!” Since then we have been seeing nude butts and butt cracks much more frequently! Every time we notice one, we are like yes! we created that! We love it! Its such a fun, funny game to play with yourself and the universe.

It doesn’t have to be butts, it could be anything, as long as you don’t have resistance to it. Now, next time you see a butt, think of TPP! Let us know if you see a butt! Send us a photo of it ;) Or you could just start sending us photos of your butts ;)

Also, we are eager to answer any questions you have regarding the law of attraction, our lives, or the meaning of life in general. Please, talk to us in the comments, and let us know if there is anyway we can help you on your journey!

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8 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #278: Butts, Of Course

  1. Isn’t it amazing how the universe brings everything full circle? And whether it seems like it or not, I think it is all in our favor some how.

    Sorry this is longer than I expected it to be, but it is a really good example:

    Thursday’s hot yoga class #3 went really well. I had a new instructor that had a very calming voice and I appreciated the way he guided the session. After class, I shared with him my thoughts and asked if he was going to be teaching a class the next day. He said no, he just picked up classes randomly. The next day, I had to go get my car detailed (mildew was forming from the rain storm). Everything went well, but when I went to pay, they only accepted cash or check and all I had was a credit card. To this, they said no worries I could drop off the cash later (awesome moment here.. what company do you know that would let a young female student pay a $100 bill at their convenience?). I was planning on taking the 430 yoga class so I was going to pay for the car before that. Well I was running a little late and I missed the opening to the 430 class, so I had to opt for the 530 instead. And guess who was teaching that class cause they picked up a shift?! Exactly. And it was the best session of yoga yet! :)

    PS- enjoyed the news anchor sign-off – “because magical is the new normal”

  2. Betty,
    What a delightful story! And all that good “fortune” comes your way because you have such a great attitude and are so pleasant to be around! People have no choice but to treat you like the beautiful goddess you are! Ahh can’t wait to chill again :D

    Ask away, please!! In the comments is best because I’m trying a check-email-and-twitter once a day thing right now… we’ll see how it goes. Thanks so much for watching and can’t wait to see what questions you come up with!

  3. Well do you have any tips for applying the Laws to your everyday life?

    I’ve just read The Law of Attraction and my head is buzzing with so much information I don’t know where to start!

  4. Hi Emma. Funny you should ask, I’m working on Life Design Lesson 4 right now, which is all about tips for designing your daily life. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

    First, before you do anything, make sure you’re feeling good. So if you have something to do like call your mom, do homework, or go to a job, make sure you are in a good mood and your experience will be so much better. In the upcoming post I have a huge list of things to try to make yourself feel good, but exercise, meditation, smiling, socializing, and creating are at the top.

    Then I’m working on this list of things to do when you wake up in the morning, a sort of routine. It has five different levels, for five different moods. Let me know what you think!

    Novice (i.e., crankypants):
    -First, whatever you’re feeling cranky about, say in response, “FUCK IT.”
    -Write down a page of things you’re grateful for, first thing when you wake up. That’s all. See how it affects your mood.

    Beginner (feeling ho-hum):
    -Write down a page of things you’re grateful for.
    -Meditate for 15 minutes. Notice how you feel after.

    Intermediate (I’m feeling pretty good):
    -Write down a page of things you’re grateful for.
    -Write down your intentions for the day (I will manifest $20. I will enjoy my friends’ company. I will eat well.)
    -Meditate for 15 minutes.
    -Go for a 3 mile walk. Notice how you feel after this!

    Advanced (I feel great!):
    -Write down a page of things you’re grateful for. Think about how each one makes you feel and why.
    -Write down your intentions for the day.
    -Meditate for 15 minutes.
    -Go for a 3-6 mile walk.
    -Practice segment intending.
    -Milk your good feelings. Bask in how good you feel. Write about it. Go on a rampage of appreciation.

    Lifestreamer (I feel great & I’m not afraid to tell the world!)
    -Write a post of things you’re grateful for.
    -Write a post of your intentions for the day.
    -Take a photo of yourself meditating.
    -Map your exercise with Runkeeper. Bonus points for making a video of your adventure!
    -Before each segment in your day, publish a photo with a title of how you want the segment to go.
    -Write a rampage of appreciation post.

    I’d love to hear your feedback – is the beginner to advanced breakdown useful? I feel like somedays I just can’t do it all, and a gratitude post is the most I can muster. But days I feel great, I can really get my vibration high by doing all the things on the “lifestreamer” list.

  5. Yeah I think the breakdown is awesome tbh. It’s good to have these kind of ideas for first thing in the morning, it’ll get your day off to a kickin’ start. I find that writing the things that I’m grateful for always cheers me up so it’s great that it’s there in every one! Thats one thing that has seriously worked for me, no exception.

    I love the idea of writing your intentions for the whole day too. I think this is something thats not to overwhelming and having it broken down in segments is really helpful.

    That’s what I think anyway although I’m just a n00b!

    I am SO FUCKING EXCITED for Lesson 4 now! :D

  6. I am really into your idea of having different levels of routines depending on how you feel at that time – using different things to move you to the next level on the emotional scale. Great! <3

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