The Popular Podcast #277: The Difference Between Motivation & Inspiration [Video Tour of South Congress, South First]

Inspiration is knowing you have to leave the house, even though it is still slightly raining, because you know it will be the best walk of your life and you simply cannot not go. You have to go because something outside you is telling you to.

Motivation is running the last mile of the walk because its turned into a fucking thunderstorm and you are tweaked out because now you are remembering all the tornado warnings you saw when you looked at the weather before you left and didn’t phase you at the time.

Understanding is looking back at the video you made and realizing that its no wonder you were inspired to take the walk— with the camera— because its the most beautiful thing you have ever created.

Join us on our journey of expansion through our neighborhood and beyond.

[Duration: 00:03:38]

Audio Credit: Empty Place

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4 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #277: The Difference Between Motivation & Inspiration [Video Tour of South Congress, South First]

  1. I watched this video maybe half an hour ago and was left wondering why no one had commented. I now see that Jacqueline has and I have to agree, I thought it was superb.

    It took me back to my thoughts on BFE/GFE and “David” as the viewer accompanies you on your journey through the night and the places you visit. I loved the music and the mood it created and the way it complimented the succession of video images it accompanied. You should do more of these please.

    What struck me was the way that what I believe to be spots of rain hit the lens of the camera and created little circles of light from the streetlighting. Maybe I’m wrong and it was one of your visual effects. Either way it was the ‘circles of light’ that reminded me of the “universe” glass paperweight. If you look beyond Jessica’s hand, you will see much the same circular image weaved into the rug on the floor.

    As I write this, (and having the thought of circles in mind, I am reminded of a comment I was going to place on one of the percolator image,) the thought of “Circles in the Sand” by Belinda Carlisle came to mind. It occurred to me that as you draw an incomplete circle in the sand your form the image that could represent the snake that featured on the cover of Jessica thesis. (I couldn’t remember what the snake image was called, handy you have a lifestream posted on line, it took a couple of minutes but I located it “ouroboros”)

  2. thanks jacqueline and david!! i loved making this video so much. we’re about to post another one from our adventure to whole foods and denny’s this morning. this one will be without a song because i think the sounds are really lovely and chill. i’d love to hear what you think – if you enjoy hearing what’s going on in the video or if you prefer the jams.

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