The Popular Podcast #273: Don’t try to take action to make yourself get in The Vortex

After we recorded last night, we just sat on the couch and chilled and almost instantly started feeling better. As soon as we stopped looking for the magic potion, or action, that was going to catapult us into The Vortex, it seemed that the good feelings came naturally. The important lesson we learned from this, which was reaffirmed by a passage I read in The Vortex today, is that it is important to line up energy before taking action, not the other way around. Attempting to do something to make yourself get in The Vortex can often be counter-productive. It is better to just relax and allow.

The other thing that we are learning is that we don’t have to be in this ‘super-hyphy’ state being all the time in order to feel like we are in The Vortex. I remember Abraham telling someone on the Alaskan cruise that its not about bouncing off the walls with excitement, though that is certainly pleasant. Living in The Vortex, or having that be one’s dominant vibration, is more of a calm appreciation and mindfulness of everything that is good, even in the simplest of moments. Basking in the goodness that is life, especially in the simple things. That’s what we did last night as we sat on the couch, appreciating each other’s company, and realizing that we already had everything we needed in the moment.

[Duration: 00:03:11]

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