The Popular Podcast #270: How To Wake Up In The Vortex

We noticed a definite difference between how we felt waking up today compared to yesterday. We are in the vortex again, yayay! The best way to make sure you wake up in the vortex (aside from abstaining from substances the night before) is to go to bed in the vortex. As you are falling asleep, think of things that make you feel good instead of trying to solve your problems from the day or worrying about what will happen tomorrow. Then, when you re-emerge into physical reality, you will start right where you left off. When you wake up in the vortex, nothing can get you down, even if your computer is FUBAR! Have a wonderful day, lovelies!

[Duration: 00:03:41]

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2 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #270: How To Wake Up In The Vortex

  1. I totally went to sleep in the vortex on Thursday night and woke up in it on Friday! I spent the whole day giggling and completely tripping, went to sleep giddy and woke up before my alarm (WAY BEFORE! Like at 3 am!) and have been so creative and joyful all day today!!! I am high as a kite on happiness! I love my job of being joyous!! I love you two! I love Austin!! I love my dog’s lil bark!!


  2. omg omg omg this is so sweet! how wonderful for you!! so happy for you! love you too!

    i love your dog’s lil bark too just thinking about it. awww you are a sweetheart. thank for this beautiful comment!

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