The Popular Podcast #269: Metaphysical Diligence

Shocking News: We did not wake up in the vortex this morning. It happens sometimes, but its feeling more and more gross each time we get knocked out. The lesson we are working on learning currently is that it is okay to be out of the vortex sometimes. Being out makes us realize what it takes to get back in. Being out gives us the opportunity to sift through the contrast and formulate more desires. And that process never ends. The exciting thing about life is figuring out the next thing that is going to get you in the vortex. What fun would life be if we had to keep doing the same things over and over again to get in the vortex. That would get old!

The most important thing to remember is don’t condemn yourself for being out of the vortex. Don’t try to defend it. Don’t try to talk to death the reason why you are out— just do anything you can to get back in! And if you’re feeling lower than usual, be careful not to try to catapult yourself back up to the top. Just choose the next best feeling thought. I am working on developing a list of go-to thoughts that make me feel good. The most comforting one I have right now is just remembering that the only thing I have control over is my mood. I don’t have any control over whatever it is that is making me feel less than perfect. All I have control over is reaching for a better feeling thought. It brings me relief to realize that I don’t have to worry about solving said problem: all I have to do is figure out how to feel good. And that’s the fun part!

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4 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #269: Metaphysical Diligence

  1. thanks! :D today has been full of breakthroughs. not unlike every other day since we learned about law of attraction and subsequently the teachings of abraham.

    i am a Taurus (may 19) and jessica is Pisces (march 12).

    what are you??

  2. No doubt I can feel your vibrations bouncin’!

    I’m a Virgo [09.01.87] and I “figured” (hehe) Jessica is a fish! I see your Piscean radiate from your eyes! My soulfriend is a Pisces and she has similar beautifully sensitive & emotionally wonder(full) dream-like liquefied eyes!
    After reading-
    “Taurus possesses a most excellent physique, displaying the promise of youth, vigor and freshness far into life”
    I sensed it to be in you Kelly!

    Nice to share energies with you lovely earthlings!

    Enjoy the moon power!

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