The Popular Podcast #267: Vortex Fun Time

Its been almost a month since we watched our first Abraham DVD, and our lives have changed immensely. Everything is just so beautiful and amazing! Yes, it feels like tripping all the time without taking drugs!

One of the most important things we have learned, and we hope that we can help you learn too, is that Law of Attraction is not so much about manifestations as much as it is about feeling good. Feeling good, feeling good, feeling good. That is what you came here to do and that is the ONLY thing that is going to put you in a place of allowing all that life has caused you to become.

And you won’t care if none of your manifestations ever come (even though they will), because you will just be feeling so fucking good about where you are right now!


[Duration: 00:04:22]

2 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #267: Vortex Fun Time

  1. oh my gosh i didn’t even realize that i ATTRACTED THIS VIDEO!!! Now i feel like i’m on speed!

    i love you kelly and jessica! you’re slowly but surely changing my life.

    all the love and joy in the world ladies!


  2. awesome!! so glad we attracted you!! great to meet you :]

    isn’t it awesome to feel like you are on speed naturally?!

    look forward to talking more! xoxo

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