The Popular Podcast #264: How to Get From Annoyance to Joy

We meditated first thing after breakfast today, and both us noticed a noticeable difference in our vibration. When I woke up, I could feel I was having some low-end emotions. Why I was feeling those is less important than the fact that I knew I had to raise them. When we are feeling negative emotions, it is easy to just let them overtake us. I’ve been getting better lately, however, at noticing what my dominant vibration is at the moment and taking deliberate steps to raise it if its lower than where I want it to be. In the past, I would tend to wallow in the emotions, but I no longer see that as acceptable. I know that how I am feeling affects my reality, so I am collecting a toolbox of actions I know I can take to raise my vibration.

I suggested to Jessica we do 20 minutes of meditation and she was very enthusiastic. I went into it with the intention of raising my vibration, and it worked. Afterwards, Jessica suggested we do another 20 minutes because the first was so great. I realize as I am writing this that, though I was feeling good about the first set, I didn’t neccesarily go into the second set with the same attitude. Reflecting, I don’t think I wanted to do the second set at all. Or I had apprehensions because I thought it was too long. That attitude affected my intention. I was so strongly intent or knowing that I would keep improving my mood, so the results reflected that intention.

Then we had sex, and I felt better. Don’t be afraid to use any tool in your toolbox if it gets the job done!

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