The Popular Podcast #263: Dreaming in Comfort, Texas

Yesterday, after becoming more convinced than ever that we can make anything happen, we manifested the opportunity to tag along to Comfort with our friend Stephen. Comfort is his hometown. I have been wanting to explore the Texas countryside for ages, and we have been talking about going to Comfort with Stephen for a couple months now. As we finished up our lunch at Mellow Mushroom, I remarked that I wanted to take an adventure. To San Antonio, I thought, or somewhere similar. I voiced this desire, but we decided we should wait because we had to make some food— for Stephen. I texted him to see when would be a good time to drop the food off and he replied that he was headed home for the evening and asked us if we would like to join.

We were hesitant at first because we had planned a walk later that evening and had a salad in the fridge we needed to eat. Then we realized, what the hell?! We need to go! We need to act and take advantage of this opportunity that we manifested! After we decided to go, Jessica shared with me that she had been wondering why, if this is all a dream, does she always wake up in the same place? She wanted to go to sleep and wake up somewhere else. And the opportunity presented itself. So we went and had a fantastic time! We both feel like we grew so much in just that short period of time. What a Trip! Thanks Stephen, Thanks Universe.

[Duration: 00:02:55]