The Popular Podcast #261: Its Official: We Don’t Drink

As Ram Dass explains in his book, Journey of Awakening, he used to go on binges similar to ours. Well, maybe not binges, but when he was beginning his meditative journey, he did occasionally take time off to drink or go to the movies or eat nasty food. As he progressed further, however, he found he desired those departures less and less. That is the same way we have been feeling. Each time we drink or binge on cooked food, it becomes less rewarding.

We had a few drinks at our housewarming party, and while it was fun to imbibe with friends, both of us felt afterward that we were convinced we were over it. We are so happy and grateful for the experience and that we don’t have to wonder if we are missing out on something by not drinking. The truth is, we feel better when we are sober. We prefer it. So, there you go, we don’t drink! And we are proud of it!

[Duration: 00:02:23 | recorded 8.02.10]

2 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #261: Its Official: We Don’t Drink

  1. good job, guys. (: that’s one of the main reasons i quit drinking – i didn’t like feeling drunk & not being able to control my thoughts & emotions. it was like putting a veil over my eyes and tainting my judgment. i’m happy you two have chosen this path. it only means good things. i back ya. (; xo

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