The Popular Podcast #260: We Won!

We may not have won the millions, but it still feels like we won the lottery. We set out on another adventure with the feeling deep in our guts that we had already won. We had no worries and tons of conversations about what we were going to do now that we were rich. When we only matched two numbers, we didn’t feel depressed or worried. In fact, we felt the same— full of joy! Now that we had all these ideas about what we truly wanted to do if money was no object, we instantly began acting on them. New jam from Right Click, View Source fourth coming!

[Duration: 00:01:46 | recorded 7.29.10]

2 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #260: We Won!

  1. Challenge: Go through those same steps all over again – except project it upon some random person winning the lottery, instead of yourselves.

    Photoshop them into a photo of the Lottery TV studio
    What will *their* life be like after they win?
    What will *they* do with the money?

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