The Popular Podcast #256: An Empty Tank

Jessica’s tank is running on empty this evening. She’s sitting at the gas station but doesn’t know how to fill up.
Sometimes negative feelings come from nowhere and it seems like nothing will make them go away, even though you know you have to. What do you do when this happens to you?

[Duration: 00:02:12 | recorded 7.21.10 ]

6 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #256: An Empty Tank

  1. I am dealing with the same feeling right now. So uninspired, yet so inspired to make the uninspired feeling go away. It’s tough!!! I’m running on empty myself. I wish I had some advice, but right now I’m just working things through.

    Love to you both!

  2. Sarah, when you’re feeling empty, just fill up. I read a great issue of Philospher’s Notes in which he makes the comparison of being disconnected from the source to being out of gas. We don’t look at our gas tanks and say, “how did this happen??” or “why me, why is this happening to me??” or “what am i going to do??” we simply fill up the tank and move on.

    We all know what makes us feel more connected to the source, its just sometimes its hard to make ourselves do those things.


    I am so wiped out. I feel like I can barely blink. l’m teaching three classes right now and…well….blech (but thank G-d I even got these jobs).

    I am not having such an easy time filing up. I’m more picturing the place I’m going to stall on the side of the road. lol. Then I’m going to take a nap or something when these jobs end and walk to the gas station, fill up my little red container and start again. Oi!

    I feel like I am out of touch with the very idea of relaxing!

    BTW, I know this is a little odd to say…don’t take it the wrong way, but I feel like you guys have your groove back. There was a smidge of time when I just couldn’t relate anymore and I was a bit worried about it. BUT YOU’RE BACK! Or better…or something…I just love watching your videos again. I like to see you go through the full spectrum of emotions. <3 u!

  4. “Jessica’s tank is running on empty this evening. She’s sitting at the gas station but doesn’t know how to fill up.”

    Yup, we sure do all get like that and not to sound like a complete ass but it is good to know that we do. It is clearly impossible to be happy about every single thing all the time, life can wear you down. How do/did you fill it up Jessica?

    I also love that Kelly is so much by your side to help you. It is a great thing to be thankful for in itself.

  5. reilly, i agree! jess and are so lucky to have each other. we really couldn’t do any of this without each other’s support, i don’t think.

    and of course the support of all our amazing friends! :D

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