The Popular Podcast #252: Enough of Self-Deprivation

We are incredibly fucking bored. Its no longer the hunger that’s the challenge. Mentally, we are fine. But when Jessica asked me what I wanted to do tonight, knowing that we didn’t have any other choice besides lie in bed and watch another horrible movie on Netflix and make friendship bracelets, I wanted to be sick. It sounds glorious, but not doing anything for days on end is enough to drive a bitch batty!

We miss exercising, we miss going to the store, we miss our fridge full of beautiful produce, we miss having energy, we miss doing push-ups, we miss our walks to Whole Foods, we miss running!, we miss interaction with other people, we miss our place being clean, we miss riding bikes, we miss meditation, we miss getting work done, we miss not having bedsores.

And so, after 6-days, this water fast is over.

[Duration: 00:02:11 | recorded 7.16.10 ]