The Popular Podcast #248: Lifefucking We Want to Drink and Eat a Seven-Layer Burrito, No Cheese, No Sour Cream

Nothing new here, we are just having the same conversation we’ve been having for the last 2 years. So, when do we get to go back to being fat drunks?

[Duration: 00:03:48 | recorded 6.23.10 ]

Audio Credit: Asian Wizze by Phoniandflore

Outtake Highlights:

  • Duration: 00:14:56
  • A sweet moment between Kelly and Jessica that Kelly ruined by saying something dumb
  • What happened when we finished our last 30-days no alchy
  • “There’s nothing spiritual about alcohol”
  • What if it ruins our positivity?
  • We need a guru / sponsor
  • AA meeting?


Welcome Back, Lovers

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5 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #248: Lifefucking We Want to Drink and Eat a Seven-Layer Burrito, No Cheese, No Sour Cream

  1. hey. you guys are funny. i watched a bunch of your videos and relate pretty much completely to your saga. maybe there are a lot of us who fluctuate between extremes. i’ve gone through incarnations where i wake up early and do yoga, before taking care of the garden, going to work as a massage therapist, and volunteering on a farm and as a babysitter a few times a week, to working a crappy part time job, staying up drinking and smoking cigarettes and sleeping all day til its time to return to the crappy job… i feel like life and bettering oneself can be confusing when there are a million ways to have fun, and a million ways to feel bad… anyway. i think you guys are on the right track, eating well is huge. i wish you the best and i’ll keep watching.


  2. hi jacqueline, thanks for stopping by!

    i think you are so right, bettering oneself can be so confusing. and then its like, well, whats so bad about drinking and smoking and sleeping all the time? its really fun! why don’t i just focus on having fun?!

    but then its like, is that really rewarding? i don’t know. i’m still trying to figure that out for myself. its awesome to know someone who is going through the same shit though. thanks for the motivation to keep going!

    much love,

  3. LOVED this.
    i can SO relate! normally, i’m high-raw, high-vegan with a glass of red wine a few times a week, but when i shift into hyper-drive cleanse mode…i can get fixated on things (especially tacos and burritos). having super delish raw veg snacks on hand is key, as are MOCKTAILS…. seriously… muddled watermelon with club soda and lime juice = rawr!
    i’m taking a break from the alcohol since june 8, so you gals are in good company!
    keep making the magic!

  4. Hi Kelly! You are so right about having raw snacks on hand – it helps so much! It’s easy to want to give up when we’re hungry & have nothing raw prepared, but if we have raw snacks, we just eat something & get over it!

    And MOCKTAILS! Bril!! Your recipe sounds incredible, I think I might need to try that…

    Good luck on your own alcohol break – how long are you aiming for? Are you doing it for cleansing purposes?

    Thanks for stopping by!!

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