The Popular Podcast #247: Lifefucking 30 More Days!

We were feeling slightly overwhelmed by jumping right back into 30 more days of our raw vegan, no caffeine, no alcohol challenge. We know we want to keep it up, but we thought it would be worth it to take one night off and see how it went. It was fun, but we are definitely recommitted to our regimen and feeling great about it. Here’s to 30 More Days!

[Duration: 00:02:58 | recorded 6.16.10 ]

Audio Credit: souviens-toi by bob wizman

3 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #247: Lifefucking 30 More Days!

  1. I think you are the two most cutest human beings on the planet. I don’t even know if most cutest is grammatically correct, but I don’t even care BECAUSE YOU ARE SO CUTE!!~!@#

    Keep it up xo

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