The Popular Podcast #245: Lifefucking Affirmations

Daily affirmations are a helpful tool to keep up your positive thinking and keep reminding yourself throughout the day that you’re good enough, smart enough, and goddammit people love you! This podcast is awesome!

[Duration: 00:02:57 | recorded 6.10.10 ]

Audio Credit: houmdrak by CIRC

10 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #245: Lifefucking Affirmations

  1. I found this via Gala Darling. It’s great! I might write out my own list. And you two are really sweet. Inspiring me to maybe shave my head again.

  2. Blessings dears,

    I, too, found you via Gala Darling and am so glad I did. You are sweeter than fresh apple juice (raaaawr raw vegan!!). Thanks for sharing the love with the universe.

    All goodness, kelly

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