The Popular Podcast #243: 30-Days Raw Vegan, 30-Days No Alcohol, 30-Days No Caffeine

Not sure why we decided to start it, but we are now determined to finish our 30-day Raw Vegan, Sober, Decaffeinated Challenge. Drinking has been the hardest.

[Duration: 00:09:17 | recorded 6.4.10 ]

Audio Credit: hello mr. hoshi and cool people make me tired by Williamson

10 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #243: 30-Days Raw Vegan, 30-Days No Alcohol, 30-Days No Caffeine

  1. guess what. i just figured out that we need to comment on our own shit. if there’s one comment, other people will surely comment! ……right?

    to follow up on this follow up of the 30 days-er, i would like to report that day 26 of no alcohol & caffeine & day 25 of all raw are going SO WELL. i keep thinking about how good a drink will taste in 4 days, but at the same time i don’t want to start again. considering going 60 days. same with the rest. it just feels too goooood.

  2. like, i figure if we start hanging out on our site, won’t other people?

    at least i have one other person to talk to here. kelly you better comment.

  3. haha i fucking love that idea! we need to hang out on our on site! that’s where we want to be hanging out all the time right?! same with our own sites. and when we get more engagement, that will be especially true. we can just hang out on our sites all day! omg that would be amazing!!!

  4. Ladies! I just found this through Gala Darling, and it’s brilliant.

    What’s even more brilliant is that it popped into my head this morning that it’s time to do another green juice/raw cleanse. And then I was like…mmm, coffee.

    But THEN I followed Gala’s Link, and saw your 30 cleanse stuff, and it’s official: I should listen to my impulse. Green juice, here I come.

    XOXO Miranda

  5. Yes, an omen! Thats’ amazing, I’m glad we were able to give you a sign.

    Totes following you on twitter so I can see how it goes. Do you do your own juicing? Definitely been wanting to get into it.

    Good luck with your 30 days!

  6. It was indeed a sign, and…I only lasted half way through the day. So, it’s time to start again.

    Yes, I do my own juicing, although it’s a pain to clean the juicer (but much less expensive than having someone juice for me!). I add a bit of apple and ginger to my juice, to cut the grass taste a smidge.

    Adina Niemerow’s book “Super Cleanse” is amazing, and has oodles of recipes–I highly recommend it!

  7. Ha! Well, half a day is better than nothing ;)

    We tried starting up another 30-days, but then fell off again on saturday, lol. Now we are resolute and trying for 40 days this time!

    Sometimes, I think to myself, why can’t we just be allowed to drink and eat cooked food whenever we want? But then we would do it all the time. And we wouldn’t get to feel like we are tripping all the time from not putting any digestive stress on our bodies. So i think, i’m pretty sure, that is worth it. :p

  8. Thanks for the book rec Miranda! Always looking for new literature on healthy eating… it’s been so hard to stay raw the last few days but I think we are finally sticking with it.

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