The Popular Podcast #233: Thank You for Our New Apartment and Winning at BINGO!

We are in our new apartment and we love it! It has a huge pantry, big and clean bathroom and kitchen, a sparkling pool and hot tub, and it backs right up to the greenbelt. The best part is, we are trading web design with the owner of the building for six-months rent! We also went to BINGO and we won the grand prize!! Thanks universe!

[Duration: 00:04:34 | recorded 5.25.10 ]

Audio Credit: Aeroplanes vs. Space Guns by M 22

What is your perfect living situation? Tell us about it in the comments to make it happen in real life!

Full Episode Highlights:

  • Duration: 00:08:57
  • Kelly is getting crabby. Bad Kelly! Stay positive!
  • Smile! Is it annoying to smile all the time?
  • Jessica wants to get into suspension. What do you think Kelly thinks about this?


Welcome Back, Lovers

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