The Popular Podcast #228: Raw Vegan RV

We still think we’re getting an RV. And starting a whole new project called “Raw Vegan RV.” And we think we’re going to go professional with ads. No more pornos.

[Duration: 00:05:56 | recorded 4.25.10 ]

Full Episode Highlights:

  • Duration: 00:10:14
  • Wow do we talk about process a lot. More process ‘behind tpp.’ At least by saying this shit we never have to say it again.


Welcome Back, Lovers

Click to watch ‘Raw Vegan RV’ or use the links below to download the full episode and iPhone wallpaper.

But first, we need to have a serious talk. We know the eps and premium content have been kinda meh lately. Do you have any suggestions for improvement or helpful critique? Things you like? Things you hate? We want to breathe life into TPP. Give us CPR!

On an unrelated note, we still have several more old eps to publish, we have been terrible at doing it lately! We’ve been trying to find balance… So hopefully we will be all caught up with fresh new videos full of insane awesomeness soon. It’s like TPP: Sexy Summer Break is starting, but I’M OUT OF SCHOOL FOREVER NOW!


[qt:/filez/video/tpp_228premium-iPhone.m4v /filez/video/tpp_228clicktoplay.jpg 480 360]