The Popular Podcast #223: Where We Gonna Shit?!

If you want to eat nothing but salad for dinner and shit in a cemetery, let us set you up with a lifestream!

[Duration: 00:05:12 | recorded 4.20.10]

What do you think of our new focus? Some people have indicated that maybe it is too niche, but we think that is a good thing. Are you still going to watch our podcast when it is only about raw veganism?

Full Episode Highlights:

  • Duration: 00:19:03
  • Is saying Jessica’s hair looks like a wig a compliment?
  • What should kelly do about her hair?
  • Jessica is straight trippin’
  • More on poop
  • More on the new focus of the podcast
  • More on our plan to sell online tarot readings


Welcome Back, Lovers

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