The Popular Podcast #222: Lifestreaming for Wellness?

Sometimes it feels like the more ‘well’ we become, the less happy we are. Are we neglecting some aspects of our wellness, leading us to become ‘unwell’?

[Duration: 00:07:03 | recorded 4.03.10]

What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do? Or, rather, what is the hardest thing you ever had to give up and was it worth it?

Full Episode Highlights:

  • Duration: 00:56:42
  • What is Kelly’s problem and why doesn’t she want to talk about it
  • Jessica farted.
  • What is wellness? Why do we get up in the morning?
  • Self-medication
  • The rest of Kelly’s reading


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2 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #222: Lifestreaming for Wellness?

  1. I am not going to lie, I haven’t visited this site in a while. It was quite refreshing to see #222 and #220. There is a line of support that I have not been able to find in other areas of my life and as fucked up as it sounds I love that I am sharing the same struggles with you both. I have been working out and eating healthy since November ’09 and I have recently hit a plateau in the last 6 weeks and have gained weight instead of my consecutive loss. My initial reaction was to go back to eating bad food (emotional eating is my vice). After about 2 days of this and getting off track I realized that I was feeling satisfaction within that 5 minutes of eating, but after the 2 days I felt more like shit because my body was digesting that horrible food and not burning any of it because I had not been working out. Today was my first day to get back in my tennis shoes and running and I felt soooo good after my run. I feel like after watching these episodes that I have sat down and actually had a conversation with you both about this struggle. Depression is a big factor in trying to maintain health because we get stuck into a repetitive cycle and crave change. I have been in a shit mood for about 4 weeks because of this plateau. Thank you both for sharing these episodes because it gave me another boost to keep pushing myself because in the end it will pay off. :)

  2. it is a struggle isn’t it! sometimes it can get so overwhelming. i have the same problem, whenever i am feeling down or frustrated or stressed, my mind immediately thinks of food. bad food. junk food. its like my mind was trained over so many years to know that the food would make it feel better, if only temporarily.

    i honestly never even thought about that before recently. i never thought that my bad food cravings were my mind saying ‘this will make you feel better instantly.’ i just thought i craved it because it was good as hell ;)

    thank you so much for sharing your struggle, because it is just as motivating for us to know we are not the only ones! i’m so glad we are finally figuring out the things that actually do make us feel better and do work toward a cumulative positive impact on our bodies, because we were in the dark for so long, too. it really warms my heart that you were able to get something out of it! i know what you mean about being glad to know you are not the only one ;) i feel the same way. its like ok, i’m not the only one who is still facing these problems after years of trying to correct bad eating habits.

    congrats on getting back out running! if you ever start to feel frustrated or like shit is just too annoying or too hard or too frustrating, please reach out. we are here for you :]

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